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The following testimonial is from Laura Discavage, a Junior Achievement student and the 2016 Class Valedictorian at Gates-Chili High School near Rochester, NY.

"This year I participated in two different Junior Achievement programs, JA Titan and the High School Heroes, while taking Economics.

JA Titan was a new way of learning that I had never experienced before. Having a hands-on experience like Titan really complemented instruction and helped us understand what we were learning in the classroom. The simulation shows real-life factors to consider like advertising and capital investment. One of the things that high school students really care about is the practicality of what they're learning and whether it'll be useful information once they graduate. That's what makes a program like Titan so beneficial. The hands-on experience it provides helps students understand how useful economics can be in the real world. Titan also definitely opened my eyes to career possibilities I hadn't considered. Even though I won't be majoring in business, I am considering pairing my intended major with an MBA.

I also signed up to be a teacher for JA's High School Heroes. I was mostly excited for the chance to see my old elementary school, but I also liked the idea of being a leader in the classroom as the teacher rather than as a student. I was placed with two third grade classes at separate elementary schools. Both classes were full of friendly and bright students, which made the experience all the more enjoyable. It was a lot of fun to get up in front of a group of children and talk about something that I never got the chance to learn when I was little.

One thing that stood out to me was the children's enthusiasm and effort - sometimes it was difficult moving on to a new topic because so many kids had their hands raised and wanted to contribute their own ideas and opinions.

Having the opportunity to see the classroom from the teacher's perspective is something I will remember. I can definitely say that my short-lived role as the teacher was both enlightening and rewarding.

I'm really grateful for the opportunity to get involved with Junior Achievement. Each program was eye-opening in its own way. Junior Achievement is really helpful, not only for learning in the classroom, but also in narrowing down career paths and recognizing what I want for my future."

Thank you for the great testimonial!

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