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JA Alumni Spotlight - Sam Lin


Image caption: Sam Lin

It's time for another JA Alumni Spotlight! Recently Capstone Manager, Karen St. Fort, had the opportunity to interview Sam Lin, current account manager and global marketing solutions team member at Facebook, to discuss his JA experience and its impact during his participation.

When were you first introduced to JA programs? Please share your personal story regarding this first introduction. 

I actually first heard about JA in 5th grade when a volunteer team came to my class and taught us how to make and sell ballpoint pens. While I don't remember the name of the program, I certainly remember how fun the experience was and how different it was from our normal class.

What made your JA learning experience impactful and meaningful? 

Junior Achievement has been meaningful to me because it gave me an early outlet to discover business and entrepreneurship in an open and safe environment. Being in the programs allowed me to try new ideas and work with peers in a way not taught in school. 

What is the most important thing you feel you can share with other people about the value of JA programs? (Sam, you can talk specifically about the JA Company Program since this was the core program you did)

JA is a unique opportunity to get a taste of business and entrepreneurship before graduating. It is an excellent option to explore careers and meet great alumni as well. 

Why did you decide to become such a vital member of the JA Company Program Alumni and lead key training sessions on Trade Fair and Think Tank 2021 this semester? 

As a student, one of the more memorable moments was getting to meet older students, mentors, and teachers through the JA network. I consider my volunteer work as giving back to that community by using my experience and expertise to pay it forward.

What message do you have for JA Alumni who are considering volunteering?

Make time for it and volunteer for any amount of time that you can. The students are great and will probably teach you something as well!

What advice do you have for teenagers who are being challenged while immersing themselves in JA programs, like the JA Company Programs, since you also faced many challenges as CEO of FS Enterprises whilst leading your team at ICC? Especially in this pandemic climate? 

Invest in yourself and your future by taking care of yourself. The program is competitive, and competitions can be stressful. Be kind to yourself and your team because it will be over before you know it!

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